Emerging Zhejiang Manufacturing Engineering Companies: A Spotlight

January 31, 2024

In recent years, Zhejiang, China has become a hotbed for startups in the manufacturing sector. These companies, which were all founded in 2015 or later, have been making considerable advancements across a range of subsectors, from medical device manufacturing to big data and automotive tech. Here are some of the stand-out firms that are making their mark in the industry.

Developments aren’t just happening in technology but also in financial, medical, and automotive sectors, thanks to the influx of new companies. From Xiaoshan to Ningbo to Hangzhou, these companies are leading the way in their respective fields, creating more opportunities not just for Zhejiang, but for the whole country of China. These companies also show the diversity in the application of engineering principles, from manufacturing medical devices to providing solutions for automobile technology.

The following is a list of such companies that have established their roots in Zhejiang post-2015, each of them providing unique solutions and products aiming to further their respective sectors. In addition to leading business development within their verticals, these companies also demonstrate a commitment to advancing their local and regional economies.


Based in Xiaoshan, REALY works in the Manufacturing, Medical, and Medical Device industry. More details about the company can be found on their LinkedIn profile.


Located in Ningbo, EasyLinking operates in Big Data, Crowdsourcing, Finance, Manufacturing sectors. They also have a presence on Facebook.


NBC, a Ningbo-based company, focuses on Industrial, Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management. It was founded by Kong Yancheng. NBC offers aluminum alloy and establishes aluminum extrusion, aluminum die-casting, aluminum stamping, machining, and surface treatment technologies, which are applied to automobiles, high-speed rail, and household appliances.

Tianhong Lithium Battery

Tianhong Lithium Battery, headquartered in Hangzhou, operates in the Battery, Energy, Energy Management, and Manufacturing sector.


Founded by Shen Tu Mei Liang, VisionRobot is a Manufacturing, Simulation, Software company based in Hangzhou.


Hopelead operates in the Automotive, Internet of Things, Manufacturing, and Public Safety sector. Its headquarters are located in Hangzhou. Hopelead is a supplier of automotive intelligent network products and solutions, a national high-tech company that focuses on automotive intelligent network solutions and related products and integrates R&D, production, and sales.

ZK International Group

ZK International Group operates in Industrial Engineering, Industrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Real Estate sectors. It was founded by Jiancong Huang and is based in Wenzhou. The company manufactures and engineers high-performance stainless steel products for projects that require sophisticated water or gas pipeline systems. More details can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


MCCLAIRE is a CleanTech, Environmental Engineering, Manufacturing company founded by Wei Xiao and Zhiqiang Pan. Its headquarters are located in Hangzhou. More information can be found on their
LinkedIn and
Facebook profiles.

Huzhou Fuda Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd

Huzhou Fuda Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd, an Electrical Distribution, Manufacturing company located in Huzhou, specializes in the research, development, production, and sales of enameled wire.


Located in Hangzhou, Dedibot is a 3D Printing, Industrial, Manufacturing company founded by Hua Ying. It focuses on creating 3D printing tools, consumable materials, and platforms for building 3D models. More information can be found on their LinkedIn profile and
Twitter page.

Wenzhou Zigpac Industry Limited

Based in Wenzhou, Wenzhou Zigpac Industry Limited is a manufacturing company. More information about the company can be found on their LinkedIn profile.

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