US Based Manufacturing Engineering Companies: Innovating American Industry

January 31, 2024

The manufacturing industry has seen a significant increase in new businesses since 2015. These companies, ranging from electronics to automotive, have come to define how the American manufacturing industry functions in the contemporary era. The following are examples of the innovative companies that are making strides in various manufacturing subsections:


Located in Danbury, Connecticut, Czitek is an electronics manufacturer that focuses on Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy applications. Their services range from infrared spectroscopy to optical engineering, with an aim to revolutionize the electronics manufacturing sector. Find them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Global Trade Electronic

Bought by Unified Wireless Inc. and situated in College Point, New York, GTE is a manufacturer of high-quality LCD replacement screens, specifically for iOS devices. Their products undergo a rigorous quality control process, ensuring the best quality for their customers. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Pacific Enviro-Electro Chemistry (PEEC)

PEEC, incorporated in Temecula, California, has a clear mission to replace large portions of the petrochemical industry with renewable chemical industry. This is accomplished by the manufacture and marketing of renewable chemical products.


Based in Menlo Park, California, Katerra is optimizing every aspect of building development, design, and construction. This tech company’s approach to the construction industry is an example of the innovative spirit prevalent in modern manufacturing. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

CBD Custom Boxes

Located in Ballentine, South Carolina, CBD Custom Boxes is a packaging service company that specializes in custom CBD packaging. It is one of the box manufacturers in the USA and strives to meet all your packaging needs. Check them out on Facebook and Linkedin.


Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, ASA is another rising player in the US manufacturing industry.


Focused on achieving the mission of helping 1 million people receive sight-restoring cataract surgeries by 2030, SPINOZA Eyecare company produces high-quality eyewear. The company, based in New York, utilizes high-tech materials and manufacturing methods. Stay updated through Facebook and Linkedin.


Operating out of Raleigh, North Carolina, Caetus specializes in manufacturing unique safety solutions for scuba diving and other water sports enthusiasts, ensuring safety and convenience for all outdoor adventurers.

Standard Ergonomics

Located in Flushing, New York, Standard Ergonomics designs products that bring convenience and efficiency to customers. Founded by Johan Gutierrez, the company has brought new ideas and solutions to the market.


Based in Fort Worth, Texas, VellemanStore is contributing significantly to the manufacturing industry. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


Situated in Temecula, California, Sector111 focuses on providing premium products and services for gentlemen racers. They develop a portfolio of premium yet elemental sportscars, making significant contributions to the automotive manufacturing industry. Stay connected through their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Each one of these companies represents the dynamic and innovative nature of the American manufacturing industry. From electronics to construction, these companies are leading the way in their respective fields, proving that the spirit of American manufacturing is alive and well.

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