Renewable Energy Engineering Companies Thriving in Germany: An Overview

February 10, 2024

Since 2015, a number of innovative new companies have been established in the renewable energy industry, many of them headquartered in Germany. In this renewable energy spotlight, we’ll look at several of these companies, discussing their mission, their industry, and the people behind their founding. These companies provide a view into the cutting-edge development of renewable energy and related technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence, and more.

The renewable energy industry has been a hub of innovation and technological breakthroughs in recent years, with the need for cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy driving rapid advancement. Germany is home to many companies operating within this field, particularly newly founded companies that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in renewable energy.

From battery analytics to decentralized storage networks and software for steel and aluminum mills, these companies reflect the diverse applications and unlimited potential of renewable energy. So, let us explore these German companies revolutionizing renewable energy.


Located in Aachen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Accure is a leading battery analytics company in the renewable energy sector. Founded by Dr. Georg Angenendt, Dr. Johannes Palmer, and Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies, Accure offers a software and AI-driven solution to assist manufacturers and operators in monitoring the health and safety conditions of a battery system throughout its lifecycle. Their offerings are targeted at enhancing performance in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Battery, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Renewable Energy, and Software sectors. You can connect with Accure on LinkedIn.


Another innovative company based in Aachen, Voltfang aims to create a decentralised storage network by integrating used electric car batteries into a battery storage system. Founded by Afshin Doostdar, David Ouzandji, and Roman Alberti, the startup operates in the Battery, Energy Storage, and Renewable Energy industries. Voltfang can be reached through its Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


STAWAG is a long-established company based in Aachen with operations in Electrical Distribution, Energy, Facilities Support Services, Oil and Gas, and Renewable Energy. 100 percent owned by the city of Aachen, this municipal company is committed to a sustainable future, already generating enough green electricity to theoretically supply all private households in Aachen and the smaller commercial customers. Connect with STAWAG on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Known as one of the most innovative German ‘Industry 4.0′ companies, QuinLogic is headquartered in Aachen. It has developed software products to enable industrial mass production and highest flexibility, making it a significant player in the Enterprise Software, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, and Software sectors.

AES (Autonome Energiesysteme)

Also located in Aachen, Autonome Energiesysteme (AES) focuses on the development and marketing of a new plant technology for highly efficient on-site thermal recycling of bio- and plastic waste. Founded by Andres Sheldrick, Jonas Bonus, and Marco Karber, the company is making significant contributions to renewable energy technologies and more sustainable waste management practices. Visit their Facebook page for more details.


Based in Achern, Baden-Wurttemberg, MERB is involved in a range of services from domestic waste collection to organic waste disposal, demonstrating the company’s commitment to Clean Energy, CleanTech, and Renewable Energy.

WIND consult

From Admannshagen-bargeshagen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, WIND consult operates in the Energy, Renewable Energy, and Wind Energy industries.

Riess Business Group

Headquartered in Affing, Bayern, Riess Business Group provides a range of services including consulting, information technology, language learning, renewable energy, software, and software engineering. The company can be reached through its Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Operating out of Ahrensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, ASE offers solutions in the fields of Energy, Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy.

MF EnergySystems

MF EnergySystems from Aichach, Bayern, functions in the Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, and Solar sectors.

Kirchner Solar Group

The final company we will look at is Kirchner Solar Group, based in Alheim, Hessen, Germany. This company works in the Energy, Manufacturing, Project Management, and Renewable Energy industries. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.

In conclusion, the renewable energy sector in Germany is a ground of continuous advancements and technological innovations. Every company on this list demonstrates the dedication and commitment necessary to not only advance their own business goals but to move the industry as a whole forward towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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