Spotlight on Pennsylvania-based Manufacturing Engineering Companies

January 24, 2024

Based in the industrious state of Pennsylvania, a host of companies have emerged in the Manufacturing industry since 2015, each bringing a unique twist to the sector. Representing areas of manufacturing from food and beverage to advanced materials, electronics, and more, these companies are driving significant advancements in their respective fields. Whether providing safer, more ecological product options, or spearheading new technologies, the manufacturing industry has seen numerous major players rise in recent years. Let’s take a closer look at some of these innovative, Pennsylvania-based companies shaking up the manufacturing industry.

Crown Food Carts

Based in Allentown, Crown Food Carts operates in the food and beverage sector, specializing in manufacturing a variety of equipment for mobile food businesses. Featuring a range of products from food carts to concession trailers, vending carts and more, this company caters to various needs of the mobile food industry. Keep tabs on their work via their Linkedin, Facebook and @crownfoodcarts on Twitter.

Pulse Technologies

Founded by Adam Bosnian in Quakertown, Pulse Technologies specializes in the manufacturing of medical devices, producing a myriad of innovative products for the medical field from precision-machined medical components to implantable materials.


Co-founded by Carmel Majidi and Navid Kazem, Arieca manufactures a rubber composite that has a variety of applications in fields such as electronics and human interaction devices based on its thermal conductivity and stretchability. You can follow Arieca’s updates on their Linkedin page and on Twitter @arieca_thubber.

American Paper Bag

Located in Luzerne, American Paper Bag, founded by Ian Robson, is a manufacturer of customizable, eco-friendly paper bags with a unique offering of flexibility in printing on a wide range of substrates. Visit their LinkedIn page for more updates.

Workers First

In Pittsburgh. Workers First, founded by Matthew Borowiak, is a design company that innovates in materials design for worker protection in the industrial and manufacturing industries. Check out their LinkedIn for more information.

Fortress Power

Based in Southampton, Fortress Power is a global leader in lithium battery manufacturing, dedicating their operations to renewable energy. Follow their powerful journey at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Advanced Construction Robotics

Founded by Jeremy L. Searock and Stephen M. Muck, located in Allison Park, Advanced Construction Robotics is a manufacturing company that utilizes robotics and AI to transform the construction industry. Stay updated with their groundbreaking innovations at their LinkedIn page.

Bootstrap Farmer

Located in Downingtown, Bootstrap Farmer, bootstrapped by Brad Youst, operates at the junction of farming, manufacturing, and retail. Follow their story on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Vitro Architectural Glass

Based in Cheswick, Vitro Architectural Glass manufactures architectural glass for both residential and commercial construction. Through its various brands, the company offers a wide variety of glass options. Check out their LinkedIn and Twitter for more updates.

Keystone Natural

Located in Folcroft, Keystone Natural, is a food and beverage company that manufactures a variety of tofu and soy-based vegetarian foods. Stay updated on their offerings via their LinkedIn page.

ViaClean Technologies

Based in Philadelphia, ViaClean Technologies operates in the manufacturing and sales industry. Stay updated with their operations via their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

These companies are just a few of the innate disruptors that are shaping the future of the manufacturing industry in Pennsylvania. The ingenuity and innovative spirit driving these businesses are strengthening Pennsylvania’s reputation as a hub for pioneering manufacturers.

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