US-Based Companies Taking Lead in Energy Storage Engineering Industry

January 10, 2024

The United States has become a hub for cutting-edge engineering innovation, particularly within the energy storage industry. This article shines a spotlight on the promising companies that were born in 2015 or later, all of which are operating in the energy storage sector. These businesses are driving development, creating groundbreaking technologies, and shaping the future of the industry. We delve into who they are, where they are located, and explore the exceptional work they are doing in their fields.

Energy storage is a critical aspect of modern life and these entrepreneurial companies are tackling prominent global issues such as abating carbon emissions and improving renewable energy resources. Through innovative solutions and technological advancements, these businesses are responding positively to the world’s increasing demands for energy, and the escalating pressure for sustainable and renewable methods of energy storage.

The businesses mentioned in the spotlight are utterly diverse, but they share one commonality – their keen determination to propel the energy storage industry forward. They are the companies influencing change, altering perspectives, and recalibrating the way we think about and use energy storage. These are the businesses shaping the world by pushing engineering marvels from conception to reality, carving the milestones in the energy storage industry within the United States.

MicroEra Power

Based out of Rochester, New York, the company is making headway in the Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, and Energy Storage sectors of the industry. MicroEra Power, under the lead of founders Eleanor Rusling and M. James Grieve, is developing a low-cost, low-carbon thermal energy storage system to increase building efficiency and provide sustainable and reliable heating and cooling.

Blue Planet Energy Systems LLC

Founded by Henk Rogers, Blue Planet Energy is a versatile company providing solutions in Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, Energy Storage, Manufacturing, Power Grid, and Renewable Energy. The Hawaii-based company is working on the deteriorating electrical grid, creating a distributed model that gives residential and business clients more control over their energy while increasing renewable energy consumption.

New Dominion Enterprises

Located in Austin, Texas, New Dominion is headed by founders Jay Fraser and Mason Harrup. This pioneering company is revolutionizing the Battery, Clean Energy, and Energy Storage sectors by commercializing new inorganic electrolyte additives for lithium batteries aimed at enhancing the stability of lithium-ion batteries.

Sepion Technologies

Founded by Brett Helms and Peter Frischmann, Sepion operates in the Advanced Materials, Energy Storage, and Water Purification sectors of the industry. The California-based company specializes in high-end, tunable nanoscale membranes across multiple industries.

WillCo Intelligent Stored Energy (WISE)

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, WillCo is led by founder Kevin Williams. The company is creating groundbreaking tech in the Electrical Distribution, Energy, Energy Storage, Intelligent Systems, Internet of Things, Smart Building, and Sustainability sectors. WISE is working to integrate electric storage techniques into a unified system, linked with a Smart Meter to develop a unique home electric power source.

Alumina Energy

Alumina Energy, based in Santa Monica, California, is led by founder Sasha Braun. This transformative company in the Energy and Energy Storage sectors, is building a technology that transforms wasted or excess energy into an incredibly dispatchable, low-cost, and zero-emissions energy resource to cater to customers’ heat and power requirements.

Totem Power

Co-founded by Brian Lakamp, Kellie Lakamp, and Rob Marano, Totem Power is a Bedford, New York-based company. It stands at the crossroads of Electronics, Energy, Energy Storage, Smart Cities, and Solar. Totem has developed an energy storage product that integrates smart city functionality into one powerful product.


Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Alexander Girau and Shiva Adireddy founded this advanced materials, battery, energy, energy storage, manufacturing, and nanotechnology company. Advano is delivering a scalable solution for lithium-ion batteries with higher energy density, revolutionizing the longevity of lithium-ion batteries.

Global Graphene Group

Founded by Bor Jang and Dr. Aruna Zhamu, Global Graphene Group is based in Dayton, Ohio, and operates in the commercial, energy storage, and nanotechnology sector. The company commercialize graphene raw materials along with graphene-enabled applications including nanocomposites.

Intersect Power

Based in Beaverton, Oregon, this company is led by founder Sheldon Kimber. Intersect Power operates in the Energy, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, Solar, and Wind Energy sectors, it specialises in providing efficient, innovative, and scalable low-carbon solutions in energy and commodity markets.

Lilac Solutions

Lilac Solutions, based in Middletown, Rhode Island, was founded by David Snydacker. The mining technology company is making a difference in the Advanced Materials, Chemical, Energy Storage, and Natural Resources industries by developing a new ion exchange technology to address the lithium production challenges.

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