US-Based Plastic, Rubber Manufacturing Engineering Companies Flourishing

February 10, 2024

The Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing industry is home to a multitude of innovative companies, making strides in technological advancements and providing crucial services to various sectors. This article will highlight some of the stand-out businesses established after 2015 and located in the United States that are operating within this industry. These American companies are making their mark in the field and contributing significantly to the engineering ecosystem.

From Louisiana to Illinois, these companies span the breadth of the United States, each one delivering unique products and services. Whether they’re manufacturing technical components, supplying materials, or innovating in product design, each of these companies brings something special to the Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing industry. The innovation, diversification, and commitment these companies show are propelling the industry forward in exciting new directions.

Prepare to be introduced to these cutting-edge organisations making valuable contributions to their respective sectors, redefining solutions, and setting themselves apart as leaders in the Plastic and Rubber Manufacturing industry.


Located in Abbeville, Louisiana, Sovaic is an industrial manufacturing company operating within the plastics and rubber manufacturing sector. With its effective utilisation of resources and technical prowess, this company is making inroads within its landscape.

Hi-Tech Duravent

Based in Abbeville, South Carolina, Hi-Tech Duravent serves the industry with its plastic and rubber manufacturing solutions. With their finger on the pulse of the industry trends and technological developments, they continue to produce high-value products and services.

Innovative Plastic Solutions

Operating out of Abingdon, Maryland, Innovative Plastic Solutions merges industrial engineering, machinery manufacturing, and plastics, and rubber manufacturing to deliver high-quality industry solutions.

Southeast Polymer Solutions

Residing in Acworth, Georgia, Southeast Polymer Solutions aligns its manufacturing process with top-notch sales services to provide complete solutions in the plastics and rubber manufacturing sphere.

Associated Plastics

Located in Ada, Ohio, Associated Plastics is producing thermoplastic components using a wide range of materials. From product design to manufacturing, they are a company making a substantial impact in the industry.

Schafer Systems

Schafer Systems, based in Adair, Iowa, serves the industry with plastic lottery ticket dispensers and point of purchase displays for the lottery industry. Their quality products and services span across numerous U.S and international lotteries.

Cavalier Homes Alabama

Located in Addison, Alabama, Cavalier Homes Alabama is providing outstanding customer service in the manufacturing of homes. They specialize in assuring quality, durability, and energy efficiency in their final products.


Situated in Addison, Illinois, PAXXUS is a packaging manufacturer focused on the medical device, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and life science industries. Their services provide healthcare packaging, sterile packaging, flexible packaging, and much more to their respective sectors.

BlackHawk Molding

Also located in Addison, Illinois, BlackHawk Molding Co, Inc. specializes in inventing and manufacturing proprietary products. They are pioneers in supplying plastic injection molded products to the dairy, bottled water, and juice industries.


Furnel, based in Addison, Illinois, expertly combines thermoplastics and metals into a single part, utilising injection molding technology. They provide full engineering support and are a go-to provider within the plastics industry.

Lewis Plastics

Lewis Plastics, also based out of Addison, Illinois, makes a significant impact in the manufacturing sector of the plastics and rubber industry.

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