US Machinery Manufacturing: Innovations of Engineering Companies

January 10, 2024

Meeting the contemporary challenges of the engineering sphere requires ideal industrial solutions. This article highlights the recent entrants in the machinery manufacturing industry based in the United States, each company providing innovative solutions tailored to accelerate commercial productivity and efficiency. Established in the year 2015 or later, these companies are setting benchmarks by revolutionizing traditional concepts of machinery manufacturing.

In this dynamic and rapidly changing industrial landscape, it is essential to stay updated on the latest innovations. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the vibrant Machinery Manufacturing companies changing the scene of Engineering in the United States.

The sectors that these companies operate in range from Agriculture, E-commerce, and Electronics to Retail, Industrial Automation, and 3D Printing. These companies are leveraging the power of advanced technology and leveraging their unique business models to revolutionize the industry.

SHO Products

Based in Los Angeles, California, SHO Products operates across sectors, including Agriculture, E-commerce, Electronics, and Retail in addition to Machinery Manufacturing. The company was established by Samuel Jurist and Vincent D’Accolti. It boasts a broad range of solventless extraction products both under its manufacturing umbrella and through its distribution channels.

Cosine Additive, Inc.

Texas-based Cosine Additive, Inc., cofounded by Andrew McCalip and Jason Miller, is an acknowledged advocate of advanced 3D printing technology. The company has launched the first open format industrial class polymer 3D printer in 2015, marking a significant stride in the industry.

Marathon Laundry Machines

Marathon Laundry Machines, founded by Glenn Reid, is a San Mateo, California based Laundry and Dry-cleaning-focused company. Their innovative solution allows customers to personalize their machines, suggesting a leap in conventional concepts of appliance manufacturing.

Flex Air

Operating from Fenton, Missouri, Flex Air offers diverse solutions including design engineering, retrofits, custom HVAC, and pre-fabricated systems.

Industrial Panel Solutions

Industrial Panel Solutions is a manufacturer based in Omaha, Nebraska which also focuses on Industrial Automation.


Located in Berkeley, California, polySpectra was founded by Raymond Weitekamp. The company manufactures functional materials for advanced additive manufacturing, transforming 3D printing from a mere prototyping aid into a practical production tool.

Ola Brew

Based in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, Ola Brew is unique in that it combines machinery manufacturing with the food and beverage industry. Cofounded by Brett Jacobson, it creates beers and ciders using locally sourced ingredients.

Space Foundry

Founded by Dennis Nordlund and Ram Prasad Gandhiraman, Space Foundry is a manufacturing company based in San Jose, California.

MW Components

MW Components, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers customized stock and standard parts for various industries. Their offerings ranges from precision springs and fasteners to orthopaedic implants and surgical instruments.


Located in Spring Valley, California, FormAlloy, founded by Jeff Riemann and Melanie Lang is engaged in metal additive manufacturing technology and custom part creation and repair.

Continest Technologies

Operational in Long Beach, California, Continest Technologies is a manufacturing company founded by Yan Pronin. It operates primarily in the sectors of Facility Management, Infrastructure, and Wholesale.

In conclusion, these companies and their innovative approaches reflect the evolution and potential of the American Machinery Manufacturing industry. From industrial solutions to 3D printing, these companies spur an exciting future for engineering.

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