Washington-Based Biotech Engineering Companies Innovating the Industry

January 8, 2024

Within the diverse world of engineering, biotechnology plays a pivotal role as it integrates biological sciences with engineering principles. By doing so, it offers a unique approach to solve various challenges in areas like health care, bioinformatics, therapeutics, and more. The state of Washington plays host to several leading biotech companies founded in 2015 or later, which are making significant strides in the industry. This article showcases some of these companies driving innovation and shaping the future of biotechnology.

Amongst the vibrant tech scene in Seattle, you will find a host of biotech startups. Bainbridge Island-based BioViva is one such company, which embraces regenerative medicine for combating cellular degeneration and genetic disorders. Heading towards the heart of Seattle, you’ll encounter the likes of Alpine Immune Sciences and OncoResponse, two outfits deeply engrossed in developing innovative treatments for a variety of diseases.

Shifting towards the US capital, the larger Washington area introduces us to the likes of Hemeos and Vaylenx. These companies maintain the same spirit of innovation and embody the progressive evolution of the biotech landscape. Let’s dive deeper into each of these companies to better understand their contributions to the industry.


BioViva is a company specialized in creating regenerative medicine to alleviate diseases caused by cellular degeneration and genetic disorders. Founded in 2015 by Elizabeth Parrish and Jason Williams, the firm focuses on aging, a common root of most major diseases. They aim to bring innovative treatments for both compassionate and consensual use to change the way diseases are treated in the future. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

Alpine Immune Sciences

Alpine Immune Sciences, Inc. is a clinical-stage immunotherapy company focusing on developing innovative treatments for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The firm, founded by Michael Kornacker, Mitchell Gold, Mitchell H. Gold, and Ryan Swanson, collaborates with global biopharmaceutical companies to develop a pipeline of clinical and preclinical candidates. LinkedIn | Twitter


Hemeos is a biotechnology firm based in Washington, District of Columbia. The company has been making a name for itself in the fields of health care, medical, and medical device industry. Facebook | Twitter


Vaylenx, headquartered in Washington, District of Columbia, is a prominent player in the biotechnology and chemical industry. LinkedIn | Facebook

Silverback Therapeutics

Seattle-based Silverback Therapeutics is pioneering the development of ImmunoTAC therapies to target previously inaccessible disease pathways. The company is building a technology platform capable of unlocking potent immuno-modulatory pathways using an established antibody-guided approach. LinkedIn | Twitter


OncoResponse leverages a proprietary human antibody platform to discover novel targets for treating cancers. The company focuses on the tumor microenvironment to develop human monoclonal antibodies. LinkedIn | Twitter

Aptevo Therapeutics

Aptevo Therapeutics is a Seattle-based biotech firm focusing on novel oncology and hematology therapeutics. The company leverages the unique ADAPTIR™ platform technology to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

Good Therapeutics

Seattle-based Good Therapeutics is an early-stage biotech company developing context-dependent protein drugs that respond with therapeutic activity based on biomarker sensing. LinkedIn


Mavupharma, located in Kirkland, Washington, is developing non-nucleotide, conditional modulators of the STING pathway to treat cancer and infectious disease.

Proniras Corp

Proniras Corp is a Seattle-based biomedical company developing drugs for treating nerve agent-induced seizures and chemical weapon exposure. It was founded in 2016.

Taproot Medical Technologies

Taproot Medical Technologies, based in Shoreline, Washington, provides biocompatible materials designed for medical device development.

This article provides a quick insight into some of the most prominent biotech firms based in Washington. All these companies, with their team of dedicated professionals and innovative technologies, are significantly contributing to the progress of the biotech industry globally.

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