Cambridge Biotechnology Engineering Companies: Innovations in Healthcare Industry

2024 Update
January 5, 2024

The Biotechnology industry is a fast-growing and forward-thinking industry, with a multitude of companies pushing boundaries in scientific research and technology. The following article focuses on a select few companies in this field, all of which were founded in 2015 or later, and are headquartered in Cambridge. These companies reflect the diverse application of Biotechnology in different industries, including E-commerce, Medical, Health Care and Life Science.

Below, we will explore the different companies, their background, area of focus and their contributions so far to their respective industries within Biotechnology. This will provide an insight into their operations and their potential contributions to the future of the industry.

Without a doubt, these companies have been instrumental in shaping the biotech industry, and have made immense strides in their respective fields, and it’s only right that they be spotlighted. Let’s delve into these companies and what they have to offer:


Founded in 2015 by David Pumberger, Florian Wegener, and Kilian Veer, is a company that operates within the biotech sector and extends its operation into e-commerce, the internet, marketplace, and retail. Through its platform, ZAGENO works towards making biotech purchases streamlined and efficient, providing millions of research materials at a convenience unmatched by its competitors. Learn more about this company and their mission on their website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.


A medical biotechnology company was founded by Cyrus Mozayeni, Kenneth Greenberg, and Mitchell Finer. The company is dedicated to developing a next-generation immunotherapy platform to treat cancer and showing its commitment to philanthropy, Oncorus pledged to donate product sales proceeds to promising cancer research and care, especially in developing countries.

Piper Therapeutics

Founded in 2015 by Russ Wilcox. The company develops therapies for inflammation signalling and immune response, mainly in the area of Immuno-oncology. They are active on social media with their involvement seen on channels like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Praxis Precision Medicines

Aiming to find solutions to central nervous system disorders, Praxis Precision Medicines is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. Founded by David Goldstein, Kiran Reddy, and Steven Petrou, Praxis applies genetic insights to develop treatments for such disorders in order to restore neuronal balance.


UK-based, AgeCurve uses kit sequences to quantify thousands of human proteins, aiming to understand the varying aspects of the human biological aging process. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn company page.


A revolution in biotechnology, AB-PolyBlok is working on their proprietary technology platform, which supplies potential treatments for reversing effects of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Toxibact Ltd

Toxibact Ltd researches into antimicrobial therapy, the company’s aim is to develop a treatment that combats all types of bacteria and fungi.

Fulcrum Therapeutics

Newly instituted in 2016, Fulcrum Therapeutics is a biotech company that has been breaking ground in the medical research world. Focused on treating patients affected by rare genetic diseases, Fulcrum Therapeutics has made commendable strides in the field. For additional information, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


A developer of novel therapeutics, Cerevance uses NETSseq to reveal transcriptional and epigenetic differences in mature human brains, advocating for advanced medicine for serious neurological diseases.

Arbor Biotechnologies

Founded by David R. Walt, David Scott, Feng Zhang, and Winston Yan, Arbor Biotechnologies works at the intersection of AI, genome sequencing, gene synthesis, and high-throughput screening. Using these diverse and advanced tools, Arbor aims to accelerate the discovery of key proteins that can improve human health and sustainability., was founded by Florian Schuster and Mark Kotter. They apply the principles of computation to develop their cellular coding technology. This has the potential to be a game-changing technique in stem cells, cellular reprogramming, mathematical modelling, and cell therapy.

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