New York Biotech Engineering Companies Revolutionizing the Industry

2024 Update
January 5, 2024

Founded in recent years, a series of biotechnology companies have been making their mark in the industry, pushing the limits of what is deemed possible in the field of healthcare. Operating within the bustling metropolis of New York, these contemporary businesses are transforming the commercial landscape with cutting-edge technology, remarkable innovation, and unparalleled dedication to their craft.

Through the study and manipulation of biological systems, these companies endeavor to revolutionize diagnostics, treatment, and preventive strategies, aiming to further the cause of medicine and enrich the quality of life worldwide. This article introduces a selection of enterprises that have the potential to shape the future of biotechnology and redefine the way we perceive health and wellness.

Highlighted below are some of the visionaries who are not just riding the wave of biotechnology advancements but who are creating the ripples themselves. Each with their unique approach, these companies play a pivotal role in the New York biotech scene while contributing significantly within the global community.


Leading the way in genetic information utilization, Genoplan is the brainchild of Brian Kang. The innovative company provides customized products and services using biotechnology. The company’s R&D team, comprising experts in biotechnology, provides accurate and fast DNA analysis.


Founded by Samuel D. Waksal, MeiraGTx is committed to creating gene therapy products that can change the lives of those suffering from health disorders. Being a clinically staged gene therapy company, MeiraGTx’s broad pipeline has five ongoing clinical programs.

Y-mAbs Therapeutics

Y-mAbs Therapeutics, driven by Thomas Gad, is a clinical-stage company that finds novel treatments for cancer patients. Using its sophisticated platform technologies, the company is creating next-gen affinity matured bispecific antibodies.

Emendo Biotherapeutics

Launched by Shilo Ben Zeev, Emendo is on a mission to revolutionize what is possible in genome editing. It creates drugs that deliver the promise of gene editing to the fullest, tackling untreatable disorders and diseases through a blend of expertise and creativity.

Massive Bio

Massive Bio is an AI-powered platform that brings patients suffering from cancer closer to clinical trials. Formed by Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, Cagatay Culcuoglu, and Selin Kurnaz, the company provides pharmaceutical companies with access to patients for faster drug development.

ENB Therapeutics

ENB Therapeutics, led by Robert Schneider and Sumayah Jamal, is working to develop therapies that break drug resistance. The company’s lead product, ENB-001, is a first-in-class, selective small molecule endothelin B receptor (ETBR) inhibitor that reduces tumor growth and aids prolonged survival.

Plasma Nutrition

Plasma Nutrition is a company working towards the health sector by transforming the performance of protein powders. Co-founders Chris Flynn-Rozanski and Steve Motosko have come up with their unique patent-pending Ingredient Optimization process that improves health outcomes and enhances sustainability.

WRS Therapeutics

Founded by the Rosen duo, Harry and Jason J. Rosen, WRS Therapeutics is a discovery-stage biotechnology company. Their proprietary technology is based on innovative microparticles that can address the two holy grails of drug delivery.


Nephrogen is a biotech firm in NYC that is developing curative gene therapies for kidney diseases. Led by Demetri Maxim, the company’s initial focus has been on polycystic kidney disease (PKD), which has no effective cure despite affecting 600,000 Americans.


Derma-Tec, founded by Steven Schwimmer, is a company that uses biotechnology to detect alcohol consumption. Their product, a disposable alcohol detection patch, changes color on the skin when its user drinks alcohol.


Flextrapower, founded by Linh Le, is a remote monitoring company using disruptive graphene technology. The company has developed a smart insole that detects diabetic foot ulcers, an EMG-integrated smart shirt, and a COVID-19 mask featuring a layer of graphene.

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