San Francisco’s Emerging Biotechnology Engineering Companies: A Close Look

2024 Update
January 5, 2024

San Francisco, widely referred to as the tech capital of the world, has seen a boom in innovative biotechnology companies since 2015. These companies are operating at the cutting-edge of technology — revolutionizing diagnostics, improving patient outcomes, and pioneering new pathways in medicine. This article aims to explore and present a selection of San Francisco-based companies that are making significant contributions to the exciting field of biotechnology.

With a shared commitment to enhance the lives of patients and advance scientific understanding, these companies are developing ground-breaking technologies from precision sensors to digital therapeutics. They are at the forefront of some of the most progressive areas of biotechnology, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare technology, and medical device development. Each brings its unique approach to improving healthcare, with a focus on patient-centric solutions and innovative product development.

In deciding to feature these companies, we have taken into account factors such as their innovative approach to biotechnology, the impact of their solutions on patients’ lives, their potential for growth, as well as their geographical location in San Francisco. So, without further ado, let us explore these companies!

Rapt Therapeutics

Co-founded by Brian Wong, Rapt Therapeutics is concentrated on delivering small molecule therapies for oncology and inflammatory diseases. It has developed two unique drug candidates, each targeting C-C motif chemokine receptor 4. For more details about Rapt Therapeutics, check out their LinkedIn profile.

Better Therapeutics

Founded by David Perry and Kevin Appelbaum, Better Therapeutics is working on digital therapeutics to treat cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Their treatment candidates include type-2 diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia. You can also follow them on their LinkedIn page or Facebook.

Feel Therapeutics

Co-founded by George Eleftheriou and Haris Tsirmpas, Feel Therapeutics is dedicated to bringing objective data and measurement in diagnosing and managing Mental Health. Follow the exciting developments on their LinkedIn or Facebook page.


Co-founded by Deepak Thomas and Puran Singh, Phil is on a mission to improve patients’ access to medications, combining Silicon Valley ethos with data insights to improve patient outcomes. Follow Phil on LinkedIn for further updates.

Indee Labs

Founded by Ryan Pawell, Indee Labs is developing hardware for gene delivery, specifically for gene-modified cell therapies. They are also present on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded by Lorenzo Falzarano, Orb is at the forefront of ultra-sensitive precision spectroscopic sensors and machine learning platforms for real-time microbiology monitoring. Keep up-to-date with Orb via their LinkedIn profile.

Geom Therapeutics

Co-founded by Brendan Hannah, Geom Therapeutics is developing novel antibiotics for multidrug-resistant Gram-negative infections. Follow the company’s developments on their LinkedIn profile.

Structure Therapeutics

Co-founded by Raymond Stevens, Structure Therapeutics is using advanced computational and structure-based technology to create impactful medicines. Watch for their updates on LinkedIn.

Vera Therapeutics

Founded by Marshall Fordyce, Vera Therapeutics uses gene-editing technology to potentially cure patients with devastating genetic disorders. Further details can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Senti Biosciences

Founded by Jim Collins, Philip Lee, Timothy K. Lu, and Wilson Wong, Senti Biosciences is developing a programmable biology platform for cancer therapies. Look for updates on their LinkedIn profile.

Culture Biosciences

Co-founded by Matthew Ball and Will Patrick, Culture Biosciences develops automated bio-reactors to help biotech companies optimize their manufacturing processes. Stay in touch with Culture Biosciences at their LinkedIn or Facebook page.

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