Emerging London-based Manufacturing Engineering Companies Defining Industry Innovation

January 12, 2024

London, a city historically renowned for its pioneering industries, continues to lead the way in engineering. Today, we focus on burgeoning companies operating in the manufacturing industry. These companies, initiated in the year 2015 onwards, are shaking up the status quo with their innovative approaches to production, materials, and processes. The cherry on the cake? They’re all based in London. Buckle up as we spotlight these trailblazers re-defining the London manufacturing landscape.

In recent years, London’s manufacturing sector has seen a dramatic change. The introduction of advanced technologies, such as AI and 3D printing, coupled with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly methods, have transformed traditional manufacturing processes. Changing market needs and increasing globalisation have further accelerated this evolution, pushing companies to be more innovative and efficient.

Our selection of companies showcases those with the most innovative and exciting offerings. From eyewear made with 3D printers, to sustainable packaging materials, to AI-driven large-scale manufacturing platforms, the following companies are at the frontline of this industrial revolution.


UKSOL operates within energy, manufacturing, renewable energy, and solar industries. They are based in the heart of London and are making significant strides towards shaping the future of renewable, solar energy.

Forma Eyewear

Forma Eyewear revolutionises the eyewear industry with its customised eyewear created through 3D printing. Co-founded by Balazs Slezak and Richard Nagy in 2015, the company creates products unique to each wearer. They collaborate with fashion designers to broaden their range, as well as give designers a platform for their work.

SA Systems

As an advanced supply chain and distributed manufacturing company. SA Systems utilises contemporary technologies to produce personalised and sensitive products. Founded by Ben Perry, their leading-edge platform enhances customer service and information services.


Envopap makes the packaging and paper industry greener by utilising renewable sources such as agricultural waste instead of wood. Founded by Kaushal Shah, their production model significantly reduces environmental harm. Envopap disrupts the conventional packaging market with a fresh approach that aligns economic progress with sustainability.


TMARA, a creation of founders Anthony Nathan, Donald Stuart, Elizabeth Van Den Berg, and Henning Du Preez, transforms new products into must-haves in the e-commerce and manufacturing sectors, with a focus on market success.


Twipes addresses the challenging issue of single-use items impacting our environment. Founders Al Borz and Ellenor McIntosh developed genuinely flushable and biodegradable wipes. Made without plastic, Twipes dissolve in water within 3 hours and biodegrade within 7 days as a practical replacement to plastic-waste generating wet wipes.


CloudNC, founded by Chris Emery and Theo Saville, pioneers software development used for automated manufacturing of precision parts. Propagating a cleaner and sustainable industrial revolution. Their aim is to make manufacturing 10x more effective, sustainable, and prompt, thus revolutionising the $150 billion industry.

Ai Build

Founded by Daghan Cam and Michail Desyllas, Ai Build combines the powers of 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotics for large-scale additive manufacturing. This London-based company is shaping the prospects of automated industrial applications with its path-breaking Autonomous Large Scale 3D Printing technology.


Kniterate, a vision of Gerard Rubio, Tom Catling, and Triam Zubeldia, is revolutionising the fashion industry with their compact and affordable digital knitting machine. Their aim is to democratise clothing manufacturing and bring industrial knitting to the masses.


SupplyCompass is a collaborative platform bridging the gap between fashion brands and manufacturers. Founded by Flora Davidson and Gus Bartholomew, SupplyCompass transforms supply chains and allows a more efficient and sustainable sourcing process.


InfiGear disrupts mechanised motion by facilitating the manufacture of chains and transmissions made from lightweight, plastic materials across multiple sectors such as automotive, cycling, and industrial. Their approach offers a fresh perspective in the field of transportation.

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