Emerging Manufacturing Engineering Companies Based in England: Industry Spotlight

January 24, 2024

The manufacturing industry is a dynamic and evolving sector, with countless advancements and innovations taking place every day. In this article, we will be focusing on companies that were born in 2015 or later, all of whom are making a significant impact within the manufacturing industry. While headquartered in England, these companies operate on a global scale, each bringing something truly unique to the industry. From renewable energy to 3D printing eyewear, these companies are harnessing cutting-edge technology and pushing the boundaries in their respective sectors.

These young, innovative companies are not only turning heads but making significant strides in industries facing challenges such as sustainability, rapid urbanization and digital transformation. Each one is imbued with the spirit of innovation, dynamism and a burning desire to rewrite the rule books within the manufacturing industry. We invite you to read and learn about these amazing companies that are redefining the future of manufacturing.

In no particular order, we highlight the following companies:


Based in London, UKSOL operates within the energy, manufacturing, renewable energy, and solar industries. Although detail about its founders is not provided, this innovative company is a part of the increasingly important global movement towards renewable resources and sustainable business practices. For more information visit their website

Forma Eyewear

Based in London, Forma Eyewear dives into the manufacturing industry combined with eyewear and 3D Printing technology. Founded by Balazs Slezak and Richard Nagy in 2015, Forma Eyewear is transforming the way consumers wear and perceive glasses. For more information, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.

SA Systems

Based in London, SA Systems is an advanced supply chain and distributed manufacturing company. Founded by Ben Perry, this company is making waves in information services, information technology, infrastructure, and manufacturing. For more information, visit their website, or follow them on Linkedin.


London based Envopap operates within the space of advanced materials and green consumer goods, aside from manufacturing. The company, founded by Kaushal Shah, is committed to creating sustainable packaging solutions. For more, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Through combining e-commerce and the manufacturing industry, TMARA seeks to turn products into market must-haves. The company was built and conceived by founders Anthony Nathan, Donald Stuart, Elizabeth Van Den Berg and Henning Du Preez. For more, visit their website, or connect with them through Facebook and LinkedIn.


Co-founded in London by Al Borz and Ellenor McIntosh, Twipes is a unique company within the manufacturing industry, aiming to tackle single-use items and their damaging effects on our environment. Read more about Twipes on their website, or connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


London-based, CloudNC, operating in the computer sector along with other industries was conceived by Chris Emery and Theo Saville. CloudNC is hard at work bringing advanced software to the forefront to enable factories to autonomously manufacture precision parts. Find out more about CloudNC on their website, or follow them on LinkedIn.

Ai Build

Daghan Cam and Michail Desyllas founded, Ai Build, company working on developing Artificial Intelligence and Robotic technologies for large scale additive manufacturing. More about Ai Build can be found on their website or connect with them on social media; they are active on Facebook, and LinkedIn.


What do 3D printing and advanced materials have in common? The answer is Kniterate, a London based company founded by Gerard Rubio, Tom Catling, and Triam Zubeldia. You can learn more about Kniterate on their website and follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Bringing together B2B, E-Commerce, Fashion and Textiles industry, SupplyCompass provides a cloud-based platform for manufacturers and fashion brands to work together more effectively. Flora Davidson and Gus Bartholomew are the founders. To learn more visit their website and connect with them on LinkedIn.


London-based, InfiGear, is aiming to disrupt mechanised motion allowing chains and transmissions to be made from lightweight, plastic materials across various sectors. For more information, visit their website.

Each of these companies has shown continual growth, innovation, and promise within their respective industries since their inception in 2015 or later. We hope you’ve enjoyed this profile of UK-based manufacturers leading the industry forward with their work.

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