Emerging US Oil & Gas Engineering Companies: A Comprehensive Showcase

February 9, 2024

The Oil and Gas sector has been seeing new entrants since 2015 from various states across the United States, each contributing with innovative solutions, technology, and services. These companies have been involved in various industry segments including Energy, Consulting, Manufacturing, and Project Management. Despite facing significant challenges since inception, they have adapted and evolved, supporting the industry’s demand for new products, processes, and services. Fireside, we present to you the brightest of these companies, operating in the Oil and Gas sector, to bring you a step closer to this fascinating industry.

Alabama Butane Co.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Alabama Butane Company Inc. is a privately held company involved in the wholesale and retail of Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Despite being a young company, Alabama Butane has made its presence felt in the Energy, Fuel, Oil and Gas sector.

Broussard Brothers

In the consulting and oil and gas sectors, one of the key players is Broussard Brothers. Based in Abbeville, Louisiana, they have demonstrated their expertise by providing innovative and effective consulting services to their clients.

Gulf Coast Marine Fabricators

Specializing in Industrial, Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas industries is Gulf Coast Marine Fabricators. Hailing from Abbeville, Louisiana, their comprehensive service offerings include everything from designing and fabricating marine projects to painting and installation.


Seatronics, based out of Aberdeen, Maryland, operates in the Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Oil and Gas sectors. Their work has had significant impacts in these industries and they continue to push the boundaries with their innovative solutions.


In the Energy, Environmental Consulting, Oil and Gas, and Pollution Control markets is where RevEnergy, based in Aberdeen, South Dakota, has made its mark with its cutting-edge solutions and services.


Specializing in Project Management in the Oil and Gas industry is Clearwater. Based in Aberdeen, South Dakota, Clearwater has expertise in managing complex projects ensuring efficient and effective execution.

South Plains Petroleum

South Plains Petroleum, Inc., co-founded by Richard Quintal and Suzanne Ruffini, is a key player in the Energy, Industrial, and Oil and Gas industries based in Abilene, Texas. Their innovative strategy of identifying potential in old and abandoned wells has significantly reduced risks and investment while boosting potential profits.

Landmaster Partners

Having made significant strides in Commercial Real Estate, Energy, Industrial, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, and Renewable Energy sectors, Landmaster Partners, Inc., co-founded by Richard Quintal, has been acquiring, developing, and reselling older oil & gas properties to achieve significant profits.

Western Marketing

Western Marketing has earned a reputation as a reliable petroleum product distributor in the Oil and Gas and Marketing industry. Headquartered in Abilene, Texas, they have been constantly supplying products to a growing customer base for over 60 years.

Permex Petroleum

In the Asset Management, Energy, and Oil and Gas spaces, Permex Petroleum, hailing from Abilene, Texas, has been providing oil and natural gas assets and banking on the development of production assets for long-term growth.

Berry Marketing Logistics

Providing services in Advertising, Industrial, Marketing, and Oil and Gas sectors, Berry Marketing Logistics has carved a niche for itself in the industry. They are headquartered in Abilene, Texas, and continue to deliver innovative solutions adapting to the changing industry requirements.

While they come from different corners of the country and operate in various subsects of the Oil and Gas industry, they all share a common thread – they are proof that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in America’s Oil and Gas industry. Each of these companies, though relatively new, demonstrates the ongoing innovation and drive seen throughout this sector.

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