Italian Product Design Engineering Companies Shaping the Industry

February 10, 2024

Italy, a country known for its history, culture, and superior craftsmanship, is also becoming a hub for innovative start-ups, particularly in the field of engineering and product design. Emerging businesses are spearheading technological advancements and creating cutting-edge products that are gaining global recognition. In this article, we will be featuring Italian companies that fall within the Product Design sphere, which were established in 2015 or later.

These companies showcase Italy’s agility in adapting to the modern technology landscape and the creativity ingrained in their culture. From the segregation of Southern Tyrol, the financial heart of Milan, to Campania’s lively Naples, product design companies are enhancing Italy’s reputation as a powerhouse of design and engineering.

Here are some of the significant players in the Italian product design industry:


Based in the autonomous region of Trentino-Alto Adige, FlyingBasket operates within the Aerospace, Drones, Manufacturing, Product Design, and Service Industry. Specializing in drone delivery systems, FlyingBasket has positioned themselves uniquely in the market. They manufacture heavy-payload cargo drones capable of lifting up to 100kg and supplying Drone as a Service across multiple industries such as Telecom, Energy, Logistics, and many more.


Located in Lombardia’s capital city, Milan, CONSELF is in the business of Enterprise Software, IT Infrastructure, and Product Design. CONSELF believes in making state-of-the-art, cutting-edge design technology accessible to every professional around the globe. They aim at propelling optimization and innovation across different fields by making their simulation software a very powerful and accessible tool for everyone.


Belka, located in Trentino-Alto Adige, provides services to top companies globally in building amazing apps, products, and services. With specializations in Consulting, IT, IoT, iOS, Product Design, Software, and Web Design, they pride themselves in creating functional, meaningful, and reliable products that enhance and simplify people’s lives.

Fattore P

Based in Emilia-Romagna, Fattore P operates in the Advertising, Graphic Design, Photography, Printing, and Product Design fields. Although much of their operation is kept under wraps, their body of work speaks volumes about their capability and talent.


Located in the medical device district of Mirandola, Qura is an innovator in the Manufacturing, Medical Device, and Product Design sectors. They offer a complete portfolio of disposable devices designed to work in combination with their state-of-the-art medical equipment and software, with an aim to overcome the limitations of present perfusion technologies.


In the heart of Italy’s industrial north, based in Modena, ADDITIVA SRL manufactures metal parts using the most advanced and efficient Additive Manufacturing technologies. Their wide range of services includes everything from design to manufacturing, structural simulations, reverse engineering, 3D model optimization, laser melting of metal powders, and quality control.

Carbon Mind

Ascoli Piceno’s Carbon Mind is in the business of Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Design, and Product Design. They specialize in the development of product and service, starting from concept and sketches development, through the mechanical design of production equipment, to the simulation of product behavior in the industrialization phase.


Based in Naples, MegaRide works on developing models and procedures for vehicle manufacturers, tire developers, dynamicists, and race engineers. Their areas of operation include Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, and Product Design sectors.

Hangar Lab

Located in Veneto, Hangar Lab works on innovative paths and systems in digital light, design, technique, customization, and planning, mechanics, and electronics. They offer lighting solutions to a variety of areas including greenhouses, laboratories, and reticulation systems.

Sapien Stone

In Emilia-Romagna, Sapien Stone operates in the Building Material, Interior Design, Manufacturing, and Product Design sectors. They create products used in various settings including homes, restaurants, and offices from ceramic clays and mineral pigments.


OneAir, located in Veneto, deals with Industrial, Manufacturing, and Product Design. They offer a wide range of applications for air diffusion systems, providing solutions for the industry with warehouses, shops and supermarkets, swimming pools and sports facilities, offices and schools, restaurants and bars, to name a few.

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