Texas Based Product Design Engineering Companies: Innovating Industries

February 10, 2024

In the landscape of engineering and product design, Texas has seen a rise in new and innovative companies since the year 2015. These companies have made substantial strides in their respective industries, and have contributed significantly to the economy of Texas. The product design industry in Texas is broad and varied, with companies specialising in areas such as boating, home improvement, digital signage, fashion, security and more. Here, we feature some of these companies and provide a brief overview of their contributions.

These product design companies, despite being relatively new, have managed to achieve a reputation for delivering quality products and services. Some have carved out niche markets for themselves while others have taken an innovative approach to established industries. What they all have in common, however, is a commitment to their craft and a dedication to the end user.

The state of Texas benefits economically, technologically, and culturally from the presence of these product design companies. They provide jobs, stimulate innovation, enhance the local manufacturing industry, and contribute to the diversity of the state’s economy. While they operate in different industries, they share a common goal: to create products that enhance lives and solve problems in unique and innovative ways.

Tige Boats

Operating at the intersection of boating, industrial manufacturing, and product design, Tige Boats has made a name for itself despite its rather recent inception. Founded by Charlie Pigeon, the company manufacturers and supplies high-quality boats for consumers in and outside Texas. Tige Boats is well-known in the boating industry and has an active presence on multiple social media platforms, including
@tigeboats on twitter,
Facebook, and

Abilene Millwork

Abilene Millwork is a renowned name in the commercial, home improvement, manufacturing, and product design sectors. The company offers architectural design services and products such as custom cabinetry, wall coverings, and countertops, tailoring each product to the specific needs of its clients. Abilene Millwork is also on
Facebook and

Samuel EPC

Samuel EPC steps into foundries, manufacturing, and product design, offering comprehensive fabrication, modularization, engineering, procurement, and construction services. They work with a range of materials including alloys, hastelloy, stainless steel, and carbon steel. Connect with them on

Sign Pro

Operating in the digital signage, manufacturing, and product design industries, Sign Pro offers a vast variety of signage products. From creating and manufacturing decals, banners, dimensional signs, and indoor/outdoor lighting to providing full-fledged signage solutions, Sign Pro caters to a wide range of requirements.

126k Fashion

126-k Fashion blurs the line between fashion and product design, rendering creative ladies’ sweaters, home wear, men’s knit, women’s active wear, and even jute products. Link up with them on

IN2 Innovation

In the field of consulting and product design, IN2 Innovation is a force to be reckoned with. The young company has not publicized the details of its founders or services, but it remains an interesting entrant to the Texas product design landscape. Find them on
Facebook and

Doyle Signs

Doyle Signs is a key player in the manufacturing, printing, product design, and sales industry. Despite the lack of detailed information, it’s clear that Doyle Signs brings innovation and expertise to the product design industry.

Armtak Tactical

Specializing in product design and security, Armtak Tactical provides tactical gear and accessories. From apparel, body armor, shooting accessories to tactical back packs, vests, and weapon bags, the company provides a wide array of products. Join them on
Facebook and


F.A.I.T.H. operates in the fashion, jewelry, manufacturing, and product design industry. They provide a wide array of fashion accessories, imparting a unique touch to the homes they adorn. Find them on
Facebook and

START International

In the manufacturing, packaging services, and product design industry, START International manufactures taping and labeling solutions. Their range of products include tape dispensers, label dispensers, non-adhesive cutters, and specialty items. Connect with them on
@startintl on twitter,
Facebook, and

Proforma Nitro Incentives

Promotional product distributor Proforma Nitro Incentives is a proud member of the Advertising Specialty Institute, working in advertising, brand marketing, and product design. Utilized by virtually every business in America, promotional products have established a nearly $17 billion dollar industry.

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