UK’s Emerging Aerospace Engineering Companies: A Comprehensive Overview

2024 Update
January 5, 2024

As technological advancements continue to progress at an unprecedented rate, it is thrilling to observe young companies at the forefront of these innovative industries. In this series, we delve into the new generation of engineering enterprises, their founders, and the remarkable work they are undertaking in leading-edge sectors. In this particular article, we will highlight companies that had their inception in 2015 or beyond. They are operating within the Aerospace industry and have made the United Kingdom their home base. Let’s take a closer look at these futuristic pioneers.

Djetops Ltd

Based in Farnborough, Hampshire, Djetops Ltd was founded by Sam AA. It specialises in a variety of fields, including Aerospace, Air Transportation, Apps, Big Data, Information Technology, Software, and Travel. Djetops technologies enable worldwide corporate jet owners and operators to track, manage and control their flight support operations in a smarter, simpler, and more cost-effective manner. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for further updates.

Waxwing Avionics

Located in Westbury, Wiltshire, Waxwing Avionics operates exclusively in the Aerospace industry. Learn more about their work and follow them through their social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Open Cosmos

Driven by the vision of making space accessible to anyone, Open Cosmos was founded in Harwell, Oxfordshire by Aleix Megias Homar and Rafael Jorda Siquier. The company operates in Aerospace, Geospatial, Internet of Things, Satellite Communication, and Space Travel industries. Open Cosmos’ innovation has led to the design, delivery, launch and deployment of their first nanosatellite, the qb01, in an impressively short time span of four months. They are working towards enabling services such as remote sensing, maritime domain awareness, and machine-to-machine communications. Follow Open Cosmos on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay informed about their developments.


TANGI0, founded by Ming Kong and located in London, England, has constructed a platform technology that is capable of producing 3-dimensional controls which are ergonomic, intuitive, and engaging. The company operates in several industries, including Aerospace, Augmented Reality, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Drones, Electronics, Gaming, Hardware, and Virtual Reality. TANGI0 is making strides with its innovative technology in the automotive and gaming markets. Follow TANGI0 on Twitter and LinkedIn for more information and updates.

Mood Technology

Founded by Fausto Ferrara G., Federico Celoni, Michele Clemenzi, and Valeria Agliolo Q.,Mood Technology operates in a variety of sectors, including 3D Printing, 3D Technology, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Green Building, Industrial, Product Design, and Smart Building. The London based company is determined to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of future constructions. They aspire to give designers and developers the ability to transcend the current limitations of shape and cost imposed by modern techniques of construction. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for further updates.

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