US Based Companies Revolutionizing the Advanced Materials Engineering Industry

January 5, 2024

Introducing the Future-makers of the US Advanced Materials Industry

This article is part of a series featuring the innovative engineering companies working in different sectors. Today, we are focusing on companies founded after 2015 that operate in the advanced materials industry. These enterprises have their headquarters located in the United States, locking their focus to create or improve materials with superior performance characteristics.

The highlighted companies in this feature are some of the most promising in the field of advanced materials, undergoing a wide range of activities from creating bio-renewable alternatives to plastic to designing software systems for modeling materials at a nanoscale. Their collective efforts are reshaping our perception of what materials can do and pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability in the process.

If you’re interested in material science or are curious about innovative start-ups in the engineering industry, read on.


Founded by Leigh Ann Tucker and Sea Briganti, LOLIWARE aims to replace single-use plastics with bio-renewable, seaweed-derived alternatives. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company focuses on advanced materials, biotechnology, GreenTech, and sustainability. Eschewing concerns about the environmental impact of bioplastic alternatives, LOLIWARE’s commitment is to produce alternatives that are compostable, carbon negative, and scalable. They have made significant strides in this direction and were recently awarded the top product of the year by Environmental + Energy leader. The company aims to have six new products by the end of 2023.

Follow LOLIWARE on LinkedIn., founded by Timur Bazhirov, is powering the adoption of materials modeling to design and discover advanced materials and chemicals from the nanoscale. They amalgamate high-fidelity simulations, large-scale data analytics, and machine learning into a hosted environment for public and private cloud deployments. Their main office is located in San Francisco, California.

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SweetBio is a Memphis, Tennessee-based medical device company specializing in bioengineering honey-incorporated materials for wound care. Founded by Isaac Rodriguez, PhD, Kayla Rodriguez Graff, and Marsalas Whitaker, the company has developed a platform material that stands to revolutionize wound care across multiple markets.

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Auxadyne, based in Keystone Heights, Florida, is the world’s only commercial manufacturerr of auxetic polyurethane foam padding. Founders Betsy Condon and Joe Condon have found applications for their patented technology in medical devices, athletic equipment, and military protective gear. The company won the NFL HeadHealth Tech VI in 2019 for advancements in football helmet padding.

Furcifer Inc.

Furcifer Inc. develops and manufactures next-generation electrochromic films (smart films). The venture-backed Silicon Valley start-up, founded by Jian Wang and Yan Zhou, sees a diverse application range for their product, including automotive, real estate, and electronic display markets.

Sepion Technologies

Sepion Technologies is an advanced membrane company offering a suite of highly tunable nanoscale membranes for various industrial markets. The company was founded in 2015 by Brett Helms and Peter Frischmann, and it is based in Emeryville, California.

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Interphase Materials

Founded in 2015 by Kasey Catt and Noah Snyder, Interphase Materials provides solutions to improve the efficiency of heat transfer and reduce maintenance costs in cooling systems. Their patented HTE system has been shown to improve heat exchanger efficiency by 5-10% in preliminary tests. The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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LightForce Orthodontics

LightForce Orthodontics, founded by Alfred Charles Griffin and Lou Shuman, is producing the world’s first fully customized 3D-printed bracket system for orthodontics. Their Massachusetts-based company was founded in 2015 and aims to improve both the patient and doctor experience in orthodontic treatments through their customized solutions.

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Origin, a San Francisco-based company founded by Chris Prucha and Joel Ong, is an additive manufacturing (3D printing) platform that is designed for mass production. It features an open materials network, extensible software, and modular hardware, ensuring that companies and manufacturers can prototype, test, and create quality consumer products at a fast speed.

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Glidecraft, LLC

Glidecraft, LLC churns out safe and industry-leading self balance scooters, hoverboards, and electronic skateboards. Located in Clifton, New Jersey and founded by Michael Tolmach, the company distributes its electric boards through a network of retailers and directly to consumers on their website.

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Eco-Leather Solutions

Newark, Delaware-based Eco-Leather Solutions aspires to redefine the global apparel industry by producing sustainable, leather-like material. Founded by Petr Johanes, the company produces materials from renewable bio-based sources like cellulose and vegetable oil, eliminating the need for petroleum-based or toxic chemicals. Its products have wide application potential in fashion, upholstery, automotive, and other industries.

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The advances in material technology from these companies are exciting and demonstrate the kind of transformative potential this industry carries. From medical applications to multi-industrial solutions, the advanced materials industry is one to watch.

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