Florida-Based Manufacturing Engineering Companies: A Showcase

January 24, 2024

Florida, home to a thriving community of innovators, sees the birth of numerous startups each year across various sectors. A flourishing hotbed for entrepreneurship, the sunshine state has become a magnet for businesses operating within the manufacturing industry. This article will focus on companies within this space that operate and innovate from Florida and were started from 2015 onwards. We’ll delve into their company bios and explore their contributions to the manufacturing subsection of engineering.

These companies vary in scale, passion, ambition, and operations but are unified by their commitment to innovation and enhancement within the manufacturing industry. From cutting-edge medical devices to unique consumer goods, these businesses reflect the diversity and dynamism characterizing the manufacturing industry.

Operating under differing scales, the organizations highlighted in this piece have all contributed to the remarkable surge of manufacturing engineering centered in Florida. In today’s era of rapid technological advancement, these companies span an array of sub-fields, utilizing innovative techniques and materials to produce unprecedented offerings.

Qualityze Inc

Qualityze Inc, co-founded by Chandra Shekar, was launched to provide enterprise quality management software for organizations of all sizes. With a diversely applicable suite of solutions including nonconformance management, CAPA management software, and audit management systems, Qualityze services industries such as life sciences, general manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. Their corporate headquarters are based in Tampa, Florida. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


With a niche in the consumer goods, manufacturing, and retail sectors, Skim-A-Round has established a strong presence since its inception. The Bonita Springs-based company operates in providing unique solutions across its target industries. Stay updated with their progress via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Edgetech Industries LLC

With its roots in Miramar Beach, Florida, Edgetech Industries LLC specializes in providing rare earth elements, refractory metals, and other functional materials for industries ranging from aerospace to semiconductor. Their products adhere to stringent quality control standards, promising the highest level of integrity. Watch for their updates on Facebook.


Based in Sarasota, Florida, opSEAT LLC occupies a unique spot in the e-commerce, gaming, manufacturing, and retail industries. The company continues to innovate in its space, bolstering its growth trajectory. Stay connected on their Twitter and Facebook pages.


Keystone Heights-based Auxadyne is an award-winning tech company co-founded by Betsy Condon and Joe Condon. The brand specializes in manufacturing the only commercially available auxetic polyurethane foam padding, finding applications in medical devices, athletic equipment, and military protective equipment.

St Pete Print Company

The St Pete Print Company is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, and has made its mark in the manufacturing industry. They continually advance within their respective sector, adding value to the local and regional manufacturing landscape.

Edgetech Industries

Edgetech Industries, again located in Miramar Beach, Florida, is recognized for its work in the manufacturing and supply of rare earth permanent magnetic products and other non-RE materials. They’ve made significant contributions to various fields such as mechanical devices, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, loudspeakers, and wind turbines. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Stellar Materials, LLC

Stellar Materials, LLC, co-founded by David Mintz, is a Boca Raton-based company that manufactures specialty chemicals and materials under the Thermbond® brand. Thermbond® products are widely used in the metals, minerals, and hydrocarbon processing industries. Follow their activity on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Amend Surgical

Co-Founders Robby Lane and Ron Cobb launched Amend Surgical with the objective of enhancing the regenerative capacity of bone grafts. Based in Alachua, Florida, the biotechnology company pioneers the production of natural and synthetic bone graft substitutes.


Miami-based HeatWiz plays a significant role in the Food and Beverage, Hardware, and Manufacturing industry. Its innovative solutions have made a measurable impact across these sectors. Stay connected on their Facebook page.

Eden Water

Eden Water, founded by Rafael Rodriguez, operates in the consumer goods, food and beverage, and manufacturing industry. Headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, Eden Water maintains a strong presence within its sectors. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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